the world-cultural-heritage in 2024

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024   

Das Weltkulturerbe

My Trip to Turkey

A culture shock for billions of people....

Ursula Empress, Ruebenkoppel 123564 Luebeck


To the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey

Rungestr. 9

10179 Berlin 

Istanbul, Sunday, 9 June 2002

Free English translation on 6 october 2021.


Please, let the German-language writing be translated into your native language quite exactly.

Dear Turkish People!

As some of you will have realised, your Empress is visiting your country to familiarise herself with your culture and with the circumstances and to prepare you for the fact that the Lord, the God of us all, has come forward and will come to our time.

There are also various letters ready for you as well as for all other people from other cultures. On the whole, it is an unique fairy tale, which is between the end and a beginning for a normal life through an unified culture, an unified race and an unified true faith, so that the relationship with our Lord and Creator will change for many people, or a relationship will first develop.

The Lord must be able to find a place in our midst.

His placeholders, who bear a not inconsiderable responsibility, which not only applies to the transitional period but must also be unconditionally valid in a new future, must also be given the appropriate place, which you should absolutely accept. Of course, this also means the true Clergy. Just today, your Empress also visited the Blue Mosque in Istanbul from the inside, but my person could not find any centre in your mosque, as it should be.

This is especially important for the children, who should get a picture of our Lord and Creator and must find a focal point that they can correctly classify. My person immediately noticed that conversations take place in your mosque and that people laugh and talk there as if they were on the school bench, with the one difference that the person there sits or kneels on the carpet.

Your Empress would like to write to you very clearly as Muslims that you do indeed clarify the relationship between God and human by demonstrating a difference through your prayer process, which declares a submissiveness to the Lord our God. However, you must not misunderstand one thing; you must not continually prostrate yourselves before our Lord and Creator during the day for fear of guilt and sin and thus for fear of punishment.

The Lord will not understand and does not wish you to bow and kneel down eternally, for in fact you are only acting out of fear of life, associated with its temptations, difficulties and burdens. No, God, our Lord, desires people who can stand upright before Him and have something to show at the end of their lives, but who cannot show any ablutions performed or five prayers said daily, but honest work.

Should a person find himself in utmost despair, where even a clergyman can no longer give advice and only help through the Lord would be possible, only then does the person have the right to come forward in this form, however, your Empress strongly advises you against this form, because you will have to bear all the consequences resulting from such a coming forward, which could also mean your personal end.

Your Empress must write to you that you are also suppressing something very important through your belief, it is the actual responsibility and decision that you must take for yourself for your thoughts and actions. It is not right for you to ask the Lord for forgiveness and protection five times a day. A person does not have to afflict the Lord in this way for nothing and again for nothing or for trifles and completely normal life processes.

Nevertheless, many Muslims will certainly not be able to voluntarily abandon these rooted rituals so easily. For this reason, your Empress has also ordered the Cudgel for you and others to be re-educated so that you will feel who is the master in the house and, above all, that our Lord and Creator has also considered you and that you have been confirmed the right connection to the Lord. Unfortunately, life is not as simple as some people imagine it to be.

Every person, including people in your country, has quite different ideas about life and thus quite individual and quite different measures are taken for every person, whereby in this respect* no person can keep up intellectually, so that there will be something to hear, to see and above all to feel. Not every person, especially the old person, will certainly understand the rather light blows rightly and will* then probably prostrate himself, because the person has the feeling that he is facing the Last Judgement.

This assumption is not entirely wrong then, but only when the person stands up and refrains from the usual prayer rituals, only then will the blows stop. No one should be punished because of his culture, the Lord is not that low, pathetic and unjust and you should not and must not understand it that way! You must also help each other out of your culture by getting people who are beaten for performing the customary prayer rituals to stand up and explain to them that the Lord no longer tolerates this form of worship.

However, should anyone feel obliged to enforce his culture and disregard and disobey the assistance of your Empress, which is to be done through her "umbrella", then the Cudgel will strike accordingly harder so that they too will know who they are and who is striking them! Also, the fasting month of Ramadan is a natural behaviour of people towards their God.

In the Roman Catholic Church, too, there is a period of fasting that runs annually from Ash Wednesday to the evening of Maundy Thursday, but Lent is practised almost nowhere. During this time, people eat more simply and less, and more abstain from stimulants, with the money thus saved also given to the poorer people.

It is actually a sensible arrangement, so that people can reflect on their actual existence again and not forget that there is something else after life and not only believe that they were born as consumers on God's earth or, as has already become the case, say goodbye to the earth as end consumers. It is also customary in the Roman Catholic Church every Friday to eat fish instead of* meat, also so that human can reflect on who he is and what value human actually has, which many people can no longer recognise and will not know. However, your culture is not primarily meant by this.

Lent is also important for the ecological balance, so that meat stocks could recover and fish stocks could be regulated or reduced accordingly if all of humanity were to completely abstain from eating meat once a week. This presupposes that the entire fish stock is fairly distributed and monitored. Quite apart from that, there should then also only be allowed to be lighter ships, freighters and fleets that serve as means of transport and locomotion solely by the power of the winds or by the physical strength of people, whereby perhaps environmentally friendly electric motors could be used for emergencies.

Without oil slicks, without petrol, without seas of sewage and without the disaster compensation seas, our seas should be allowed to be used. Now, however, your Empress would like to return specifically to your culture, to the Five Pillars that were built by your Prophet Mohamed. One thing my person would also like to write to you quite clearly; Mohamed certainly lived about 600 years after Christ and he should also have his justification like every other person, however, your Mohamed is not to be compared with Jesus, the Son of God, because there are really poles apart them.

Since your Empress joined a tour group during this journey, she unfortunately had to find out that the tour guide called Jesus a prophet, but nobody, not a single person from the tour group contradicted him thereupon; your Empress also preferred to remain silent, because as is well known, one should not argue about matters of faith and politics.  These will be empirical values that your Empress should also accept. There is also no arguing and fighting, there is simply obeying, because otherwise we all get into the devil's kitchen, as someone planned quite clearly!

My person suspects that Mohamed was a man of above-average intelligence who, through a complicated childhood, felt called to create an order on the basis that ultimately** there can only be one God and on this one point your Empress agrees with your Mohamed.

If a person studies the Holy Scriptures of the Roman Catholic Church and thus the Gospels as well as the readings and follows them on Sundays*, an intelligent person will realise that those words and statements cannot come from an intelligent person but from a superior person, God's Son, since everything is still valid today, meaningful, true and predictively accurate.

They are not imposed rules and procedures that give human an instruction for life; they are rather principles and wisdoms that show us* humans a direction in life and have endured again and again up to the present day.

Jesus, the Son of God, must not be put on the same level as your Mohamed and be downgraded as a prophet, because it was demonstrably not Jesus' task to come into the world exclusively to prophesy something to us* humans; no, he was supposed to redeem human from original sin through his death on the cross in order to ascend to heaven before witnesses of time and to make eternal life possible for us humans and all mankind. Man should be able to understand that redemption can only take place through death and that it must be a divine being, God himself, to enable human to have security after his death. Your culture also knows good and evil, God or the devil, so that your faith is actually very close to the true faith and up to a certain point also had its justification; however, when it comes to an end and a beginning, then there is no longer argumentation but action.

Only through diligence and labour in the matter and in the Lord's commission will you get your ticket into the next life after appropriate reckoning, you may be quite sure of that. The first and most important thing in your culture is the unconditional prohibition of enforcing* the circumcision of children, which your Empress hereby does. This ban on circumcision also applies to all other cultures that still perform these rituals. By such physical interventions you interfere too deeply in the relationship between God, our Lord, and a child's soul.

Such experiences and events will remain unforgettable for the child in an unpleasant way and will destroy or not allow a true and genuine relationship with God our Father to develop. Should you as the responsible person act contrary, then you and the informed parents will also be held accountable retroactively by the Cudgel of your Empress, as this experience of the affected children is irreparable.

At worst, you will have to be removed as the responsible party, so that everyone else will understand that the Lord does not trifle with children's hearts and he will not let his creation be defaced as he wanted it. You as Muslims should of course not take over the culture of today from Germany, but we will all have to return to a more modest, natural and healthy culture that your Empress still knew as a child.

Since you, as Turks, stand between the European and the strictly Islamic culture, you should act as diplomats in the Arab as well as the Israeli area, for there the dark sides of your philosophy of faith clearly show themselves, since the Muslim quickly becomes aggressive and belligerent in matters of faith, so that a man can quickly be roused to one or to the Holy War. Behind this is quite simply a calculating psychology, which for the time was set in motion by your above-average intelligent prophet Mohamed.

It is also clear to your Empress that in Iraq and Iran, in Arabia and Israel as well as in Egypt only one argument matters; the Cudgel of your Empress and nothing else, so that your Empress almost suspects that the Cudgel will make the first strike there or with you in Turkey. Please have the letter truthfully translated accurately and divide the letter accordingly for the people to be informed in writing or orally.

Please divide all the letters according to the level of difficulty and importance and please make sure to try to reach the simple and most basic people, either through simple newspapers or even on the school desk. Accept the help of the available Christians who also only have to fulfil their obligations. By the way, everyone should know that in a Roman Catholic church, in the house of God, there is no conversation, no gambling, and no tourists are allowed in, because that is the one place where closeness to God is most evident.

It is there that people kneel down on the kneeler and pray, either together in the celebration of Mass or alone, otherwise it bangs!

                        P. p.                        

12 June 2002

There follows another appropriate letter as an aid specifically for the Islamic population. 

2012: I may assume that this simple but very valuable letter will not cause anyone to declare Holy War, since without God's intervention this letter would be worthless and otherwise (In the case of God's active omnipotence)** no person from your culture will go against His will! 2016**