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Mass Migration

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Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1,23564 Luebeck

To the Embassy of ..........

Hiroschimastr. 6

10785 Berlin

Luebeck, 26 Aug. 2008

Free English translation on 6 October 2021.

CC List to all Embassies in Berlin

Earthquake / TV channel ZDF /Terra X

The German-language document you may find here!


Dear Sirs of the Embassies in Berlin,

As enclosed as a copy from the Internet, an information programme was broadcast on ZDF, which particularly concerned the earthquakes in Japan. Unfortunately, I was only able to follow the closing words of the Indian specialist Mr. Mojib Lafit, as I was not informed about this broadcast. He spoke of an imminent mega-quake in Japan and of the Japanese simply living with this knowledge, as if there was no imminent danger. I, too, have been waiting for a long time for my premonition to come true, which coincides with Mr Latif's statements.

There are also valuable letters from my person regarding the "extinction" of Japan or the lives of millions of people. It is not right that you and others take this phenomenon of "earthquakes" for granted and do not think about how to reduce these impending forces and minimise the extent of the catastrophes.

Again in plain language for all:

There can only be one clear direction and that is for all the countries of the world to work together and not to favour or disadvantage each other, as they have done before. Japan, with a population of over 127,774,000 in an area of 377,837 square kilometres, has no choice but to let at least half of its population move to the Scandinavian countries as immigrants, if possible. For the remaining population, there is thus a greater chance of surviving a mega-quake by keeping the population somewhat more mobile and at the same time being better prepared accordingly.

The preparation for a mega-quake is that a crash helmet must be available within reach for every inhabitant and that the possibility remains to escape from the chaos by bicycle in order to be able to get to safety. This also means that cars will no longer be allowed to clog the roads, so cycling will dominate everyday life.  It also means that as many empty apartment buildings and skyscrapers as possible that have not been built to be extremely earthquake-proof must be demolished.

When gigantic buildings are demolished, it is imperative that all concrete slabs and steel scaffolding are removed from the ground or that the earth there is at least loosened up, because then the earth's crusts will not encounter as much resistance to the collision of the earth's plates pushing over each other as they will at the moment. Children and the elderly will then be able to travel by bus or car, while everyone else will have to cycle to their place of work, which will have to be changed depending on the distance from their place of residence.

The whole thing sounds a bit abstract and exaggeratedly unrealistic, which of course my persons realises, but what the moment of truth will show will seem even more abstract and unrealistic to all of us.

We, as European viewers, will only follow it like a disaster film on the news, there will be nothing more than the firm resolution to cross Japan off our tourist itineraries when planning our next holiday!

When you consider how much effort is put into saving the life of just one person in Germany or Europe, for example through an operation, then I ask myself what has actually happened to humanity with regard to such imminent catastrophes.

On the one hand, people know what is coming, and on the other hand, they ignore all warnings and signs.

Humanity is no longer capable of admitting mistakes and accepting wisdom and truth.

It is and has been a very big mistake to exploit the earth, so that there have been rearrangements and shifts that affect the earth's crust, which must then become noticeable when the earth's plates collide!

Underground steel and concrete structures, the entire sewage system, train tracks, roads and much more have made the entire earth's crust inelastic. Add to this the underground cavities that can collapse and cracks in the earth's mantle are the result and much more. With so much unreasonableness and insatiability, it is now high time to come back down to earth very quickly in order to seek and find solutions! Only through the intellect of each responsible person can progress be properly used and applied to counteract it. Now is the time to ask the right questions, which my person has been doing for years, because only by asking questions can one find answers.

My person has found an estimated seventy percent of the answers and put them in writing, among other things; the missing thirty percent of the questions and answers now go out to the elite of humanity.


Question: What will happen or change if this letter actually causes a migration of peoples and millions of people will still be alive although they are actually doomed to die?

Question: Which country will be the next to have to survive a mega-quake, tsunami or hurricanes and how can the damage be reduced by creating safeguards for as many lives as possible and what should they be?

Question: Will it not be possible to avoid switching the entire production of the world economy to products in order to be able to provide the above-mentioned protective measures and which raw materials will be needed as a priority?

Question: How much time do we have left to take countermeasures and is it still possible to proceed "creepily" or is it even necessary to proceed creepily at this point?

Question: Are you putting the "matter" that is at stake and that my person has reported about in danger or is it more dangerous to wait and pretend that everything is fine?

Question: Did my letters only reach people who were ill or were there also some who took care of the matter? Did the appropriate checks take place at all? Can you and others distinguish between sick and healthy people at all?

Question: Why does human think that the world belongs to him and why does human believe that the earth is inexhaustible in raw materials and elements? Why does everything that lives have an organism and why do you exclude the Earth as an organism from which life can arise?

Question: What else has my person done to provide proof of the "coming" of life and has my person also succeeded? Have you made an honest effort to find this out or have you thrown my letters straight into the waste-paper basket?

Question: Why have you been appointed as an ambassador in Berlin and what training have you had, what languages do you speak and who has ensured that you can enjoy this status? Who has ensured that you are allowed to occupy this position? Have people you have not met personally also enabled you to hold this position and do you also have a responsibility towards these people?

Question: Which royal chain of ambassadors has received the worldwide governmental mandate and do you actually know that there is a born King?

These and even better questions should be examined swiftly but also carefully by the human elite and the right answers found!  12 Sept. 2010

Ursula Sabisch

Rumpelstiltskin, isn't it!


TV programme

Terra X: Wild Planet - 24.08.2008 19:30 - ZDF (short review)

The next earthquake in the metropolis of Tokyo is really only a matter of time. © ZDF / Berti Kropac

24 Aug 2008, 19:30

The 'quake alarm in Tokyo' is actually long overdue, say Mojib Latif, Wolf Dombrowsky and Colin Devey. Because under the city of 37 million people, three earth plates are pushing over each other.

The last mega-quake that destroyed the metropolis occurred in 1923.

When will the earth tremble again?