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Ursula Empress 


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Germany, Luebeck, 7 August 2000

The free English translation on 6 October 2021

A heavy Cross in the Holy Year* 2000/ 2016

The German-language document you may find here! 

Dear Italians, Dear Foreigners,

Over the past weekend your Empress visited your country for the second time and gained a firm impression of you and your country. I will share a part of my impressions with you, combined with an edition through this letter.

It is mainly in Rome that the bear rages, as also in Paris, in London and Hamburg; wherever capitalism flows together, there one finds particularly rich and particularly poor people. This difference, as you should think to yourselves, is dangerous for the community and for a normal cycle of life. It is precisely through such differences that one often provokes justified resistance among the materially weaker people, in that they might join together as gangs or become criminals on their own; a defence against injustice.

Some people are born with a golden spoon and wipe their "ass" with tissue paper. Another has to go begging and those who have the golden spoon or have understood how to belong to the upper ten thousand, such a penniless person also has to be served.

Especially in your country, I noticed that foreigners sell newspapers to drivers on the streets. They have to stand on their feet all day and swallow the exhaust fumes of the cars, while they also have to fawn upon the drivers. The sometimes full-figured gentlemen, who barely have room behind the wheel, accept the newspapers with a gesture of elevated position; it is simply undignified and repulsive, as the foreigners have to earn their bread through such activities. If one goes to an expensive or posh hotel and looks at the waiters or servants there, the tables are turned quickly in some cases.

There, the guest wants to be placed in a certain status by the staff and that through their money and their suave behaviour; they want to be upgraded, pampered and recognised, also through the so-called good name of a hotel chain or a hotel. All your fussing about your person makes you forget that people who fall out of the social net or drop out because they are pushed away often take a different path that attacks the healthy cycle of life.

Even someone who lives for two, three or more people is a danger to the healthy cycle, because others have to die of starvation as a result. What were you actually thinking, where do these starving people stay and where do they go, since the daily mass death has already been flourishing for years? Who then should be able to take you of all people as capitalists in the paradise that will not yet exist?

The answer is: No one, because you have destroyed everything except for a small remnant that is still left. You should quickly understand that you have to pull your neighbour out of the mud in order to get out of there yourselves, because we are all in the same boat; whether poor or rich, Christian or Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, the same thing is happening everywhere, especially in the big cities.

In your country, I noticed the exotic plants and trees, although we don't actually live that far apart, but the temperatures are higher in your zone due to a different longitude and latitude. I was particularly struck by the fact that you have planted the balconies and roofs with large plants and even tree-like plants. It is a very natural human desire to want to have a view of greenery outside the front door. I also noticed that many of you still have your own TV antenna on the roof.

Looking at the gigantic, fantastic great buildings of your ancestors or predecessors, one is already very impressed by the architecture and imagination of that time, endowed with a clear sense of art and beauty.* But one can see that you are letting the buildings deteriorate; some of the buildings are unkempt and dirty, as the streets and the city at large have become; it cannot always have been so. Most of the houses and tenements are run down, in need of restoration and dirty.

Nevertheless, a colourful hustle and bustle can be seen on the streets of Rome. Many people laugh and talk to each other. They help each other and are somehow cheerful people, although there were almost an equal number of foreigners that I encountered.

Life there is a bit more natural and colourful than in the far north, but the people seem to be just as broken in the masses as they are here, even if you take a closer look at their faces. The hammer, however, are the flea market stalls in front of St Peter's Square.

A souvenir for the pilgrims of the Holy Year 2000. You would think that they would do as the Mexicans do with this tasteless nonsense, which has nothing more, but not the slightest thing to do with the faith. Your Empress already wanted to give the traders the threatening finger, but with such thin nerves she could not muster the courage to do so in a foreign country. Reason prevailed and I just registered it for the time being.

They made and sold souvenirs as a keepsake of someone who once lived and is now a thing of the past. The last junk, if you only look at the rosaries or the key rings, the coffee spoons with an emblem of the Pope and above all the junk jewellery and then a cross to go with it!

Man, man, man, what has become of you?

Man, man, man, who has made this out of you?

On Saturday evening, an invitation was extended for a common evening prayer.

It was quite a beautiful evening celebration in the open air and I noticed that there were "insiders" who were connected to each other through faith in God and had a foothold in the community; unfortunately, the "outsiders" were in the majority.

Man, man, man, and at the gates of St. Peter's Square you now stand and buy objects that are still easy to market, because you have already marketed everything that is humanly possible, why not the last thing that is left? You will gather the junk from everywhere and give it to the Roman Catholic Church by the basketful, if your Empress may ask! I do not wish to see more golden crosses made for the communion children in the future. I do not wish any photos or posters, figurines or anything like that of our Pope, whom I held in very, very high esteem*. I wish only artist's drawings of our Pope.

The cross earrings, crosses, anklet crosses, brooches and rings, everything that makes up the entire costume jewellery stock and the precious jewellery stock by using a symbol of Christianity, will you please hand in baskets, which must also be appropriately laid out in front of the churches.

Punks will also please hand in their crosses, which have also been misused as lucky charms, otherwise they will be ruled by force. The associated tattoos please also have them removed or tattooed over. About the tasteless artwork of some "altar crosses" we (that means the Authorities and the Clergy)* will still argue and very, very seriously and only personally.

Yes, this is Italy as it lives and breathes. Good food, good wine and, above all, the desire to live, right under the eyes of the Vatican. The Italians will please go first and collect the dirt and junk, the French, Austrians and Swiss will follow with the Germans. And so the word goes round. If I catch someone who does not obey, I have him/her spanked accordingly in public until he gives up the object.

Many sisters, too, including many I saw in Rome, will have to give up their cross. Who will then be allowed to wear a cross or such a ring, that will soon become clear. For the time being, I wish that no crosses are made and handed in. As the past has shown, you cannot deal with values; you have to learn that first!

HP: Please have the German-language letter translated into all languages, colloquially exactly that means identical in content.

Please sign your name and function as translator.

Distribute this letter as quickly as possible and worldwide, because many of you are not only mentally ill, but also physically ill and there are more every day! 

This letter was written and sent several times in the year of the turn of the millennium and is almost even more valid today. The content of the letter has been slightly supplemented, the expression and spelling improved.* Jan. 2016.