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Moving to the right living quarters without delay...Tips: How to make moving easier.


I have found it useful to label the boxes according to the rooms, so you can put the boxes in the right room straight away in the new flat.


The more helpers you have during the move, the faster everything can be done. As a small thank-you to the helpers, there is a fortifying meal and something to drink afterwards.


Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Baltic Sea Centre for Mental Health of the Fachklinik



23730 Neustadt

Neustadt, 2 August 2002

Free English translation on 6 October 2021.

Mailing List to all Psychiatric Institutions/ CC

CC Worldwide 1 May 2016

Please let the German-language letter be translated into many different languages and be handed over to the right places. This more than valuably letter has been written as a patient in a psychiatrics.ue

Dear Dr. Krueger, Dear Sirs!

As already announced, my person would like to mention a few important points to you in advance, which you should then please work out immediately and then put into practice. It is very important for every sick person that they do not lose their dignity in your institutions. You are called upon to guide people there, so that no ill person walks around naked in front of another or has to queue naked.

You shall provide appropriate arrangements and facilities, such as shower curtains, which belong in every sick chamber and are hereby mentioned. People who need help with personal hygiene and body cleansing shall only be assisted by older adults and staff equipped for this purpose in closed rooms. You will only be allowed to employ older and adult people as nurses or carers in this regard. A young prospective nurse, trainee, pupil or student may only be confronted with activities that are age-appropriate. An old sick woman may not be washed by young people even for purely aesthetic reasons.

In addition, this old seasoned woman has already lived her life and probably has children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren and can completely lose her bearings due to such miscalculations on the part of the staff.

The same is especially true for old people's and nursing homes.

It is forbidden for you to take people out of their personalities by carrying out public therapies with those affected, as no one has to reveal themselves and certainly not in a larger circle. Please stop the psychologically trained loosening attempts of gymnastic therapies, whereby the contortions are often unaesthetic and take place under psychotropic drugs, so that the subconscious is addressed by such measures and such questionable loosening attempts can easily take hold.

You do not have to additionally sound out the personality of a person through your psychologically trained possibilities in order to indirectly want to place yourselves above the person and then also to disfigure him/her visually accordingly through medicinal means due to your position of power. This double burden makes it difficult or impossible for the person to find his/her way back into his/her own person during his7her illness.

It is strictly forbidden for you to give a person an injection in the usual form against his/her will at a wrong moment, because in a wrong moment of the state of excitement the "wrong spark" can jump over and the clinical picture could thereby forcibly change considerably.

Since hardly anyone is capable of grasping the right moment, this measure should be completely refrained from, since otherwise the risk of counteracting a possible cure is then too great. By such an approach you additionally open a cycle of the disease, so that you often create a new permanent patient, the same applies to any use of force at the wrong moment.

The decision of bed occupancy has to be made by a competent person only, because it often has to become a considerable additional strain for the individual due to the different forms of illness, because he/she can be irritated or even threatened in his/her illness by the illness symptoms of his/her bed neighbour.

No one then has the right to end this state of mutual stress caused by the different clinical pictures by means of drug treatment, but is obliged to solve the problem in a clean way, in that it is not the people with nervous disorders who have to pay the mutual bill, but people who have to be employed to break this cycle.

A say must be given to every person, be it a sick person or a healthy person.

The food must be prepared in a professional and healthy way, which means that the nutritional values must not be destroyed by pressure cookers, so that the actual taste of the food also suffers. Dishes must be prepared in such a way that the taste buds and sense of smell can clearly make out or identify the food or dish. Avoid mixing vegetables that do not harmonise in taste; the sauce should also be prepared naturally so that the person is additionally involved in the healing process by activating the taste buds.

In the future, please do not practise a mental or psychological illness by this improper diet in combination with the corresponding medication, which can cause a kind of eating addiction, and do not change or destroy the women as well as the men optically by this. You do not have the right to treat a person with chemicals against his or her will and are obliged to consider the will and wishes of each sick person individually in order to initiate or start the healing process with caution and expertise.

In future, staff are forbidden to address patients in a chummy manner, let alone to use pet names and address them in this way. A polite form of address, even among the patients, does not easily exclude the sick person from the society into which you have returned them. Furthermore, it is important for the healing process of a nervous condition that all background noise is restricted or turned off, such as the roaring of radiators, the hissing of an air conditioner or the roar of moving vehicles. Even "fluorescent lighting" can have a disturbing effect on the nervous system.

The noise of water pumps should also be prevented in the recreation park. It is very important to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of oxygen in the sickrooms at all times and that the windows can be opened. Ideally, the room should be ventilated through windows facing each other, and the window grilles should be secured in a visually friendly and sensible manner to prevent careless action. Use your staff properly and please ensure that reasonably paid employment for the individual patients concerned is available and guaranteed for their future by instructing and informing employers and a collegial companion in this regard.

Furthermore, please ensure that the circle of acquaintances and relatives of the affected persons is informed of the existence of their Empress as well and that in case of disregard for their dignity due to the severity of the mentally ill, the Cudgel of your Empress will hit the hidden "perpetrators" with all severity and strictness. Also, the Cudgel of your Empress should help the ill person out of his/her addictive behaviour, behind which there is nothing but a longing, which preferably also applies to narcotic addicts or drug addicts.

Thus it should be possible that a cigarette smoked too much is broken, a coffee drunk too much is spilled, as well as all intoxicants, syringes, tablets or alcohol will be controlled in this way. Last but not least, the Cudgel has the task of carrying out an educational measure, which of course also applies to people with thin nerves, in order to bring about recovery. Also, a special educational measure is intended for some people who, in the form of administering psychotropic drugs, have placed themselves to a considerable extent above the dignity and rights of currently weaker people, whereby clearly the reputation of the persons in question was paramount and not the state of health of the sick person.

This is the kind of psychiatrist or psychologist your Empress would like to see in mental hospitals and in old people's and nursing homes. These people have to distribute themselves among the patients and are obliged to help every sick person out of his/ her disease picture by taking the commonly used medicines themselves, whereby the patients are administered the given universal remedy by an appointed doctor.

On this occasion, it will become quite clear who should then continue as a doctor or physician and who must then choose a different career. Likewise, people from the care centres, the medical officers as well as the relevant judiciary will be involved in this unavoidable measure, so that they too will know who they are again.

A large-scale visit is prohibited in every institution in future, as a person with thin nerves can often be overwhelmed by such an array of the "medical profession" due to the resulting pressure and a wrong diagnosis is easily made. In addition, the doctor's duty of confidentiality towards the patient is violated to the utmost, as several people and fellow patients are present in the sickroom during the rounds.

It is strongly discouraged for anyone to fall into reverence, gratitude or prayer after having received help through a not inconsiderable miracle, which also requires the accompaniment of the harsh tone of your Empress.

Almost no one, after all, has given a "shit" about our Lord and Creator and should not now suddenly feel compelled to let another artificial chatter arise. Since it all began insidiously, you are urged to slink back in this form. Your Empress will yet put you all where she and your kind belong, on your knees!


Only an animal has no sense of shame and so the human being should not only distinguish himself/herself from the animal by his/her mind and thus appear dressed before his/ her fellow human beings, otherwise there's given a good thrashing!

The contact person for the specified universal remedies is the BEK Luebeck

or your Empress's internist.

                                         P. p. Empress

1 May 2016

Please have the castles and monasteries of this world cleared immediately and renovated and furnished according to the space.

Please immediately create a personal space in the castles for people who are no longer in the present or reality. This applies preferably to people in severe psychoses or other serious mental disorders or illnesses and, of course, to people addicted to narcotics, whom you will also please provide with the appropriate drugs. Knowledgeable escorts are also requested to occupy some rooms in the castles or monasteries. The monks or sisters will of course retain their right of residence in the monasteries.

Please make absolutely sure that, despite all this, there are many free beds in the adjoining rooms, which are needed for an unique fairy tale. Please see to it that everyone is clothed and finally refrain from any kind of punishment or chastisement by exposing the persons concerned, otherwise you and your kind will have to walk around exposed in front of others. My person will certainly see to that.

Please do what you have been assigned to do and do it immediately!